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Da-Ta Art Studio, Inc. opened its doors in May, 1999. The two founders, Daniel Wlazlak and Tamara Dolidze, wanted to estabilish an intimate atelier that specialized in hand-separated serigraphs based on their many years of experience producing editions at such well-estabilished studios as Kolibri, Team Art Studio, and Morosstudio. They developed their skills and experience completing numerous editions for some of the most popular and demanding artists of the day including T. Pradzynski, M. Chemiakine, Anoro, A. Nechita, J. Powell, Simbari, Dr. Suess, H. Plisson, and J. Buckels.

Their goal is to produce only the finest work on both artistic and technical levels. Tamara's background and training in art and fashion design in her native Russia has lent itself well to the care and sensitivity required for the painstaking hand work of reproducing an original painting. Daniel's education in his native Poland in the fields of photography and filmmaking have provided him with a remarkable visual talent as well as the technical expertise to excel in the serigraphy process.

Since opening their doors, Da-Ta Art Studio has completed over 40 editions for publishers such as Vendome Editions, Wentworth Gallery, Phillips Publishing, New Millenium Publishing, International Art Publishers, Premier Collector, and Solomon Fima Fine Art. In the last year, they also expanded their operation to include ink-jet production of giclées as well.


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Da-Ta Art Studio, Inc.

1320 West El Segundo Blvd. #D, Gardena, CA 90247

telephone 310-801-1914,         fax 310-715-2456

E-mail:     information@dataartstudio.com


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